Dénia is a city that is located on the north coast of the province of Alicante and is the capital of the Marina Alta. In normal seasons of the year, Dénia has an approximate population of 42,000 inhabitants but in summer … there are in summer … in summer the population multiplies by 5 reaching more than 200,000 inhabitants. Dénia is the municipality that attracts the most tourists or vacationers and we have many things to tell you.

The climate of Dénia is very mild and quite constant since the average is about 18º. During the coldest month, which is usually January, the average is around 11º and the hottest month, which is August, the average is 30º. The older people of the place often say that in Dénia we have an extraordinary micro climate where, whatever time of year it is, living here is a luxury.

In Dénia you can find a lot of culture, a lot of gastronomy, a lot of history and especially many festivals since it is one of the population of Spain that has the most parties on its calendar, Read more.

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